Welcome to Full Circle Data Services


Our services are specific and complementary.

We work closely with oil and gas companies as they consider and transition effectively to new technology. We also help improve the functionality and integration of existing software through our proprietary bridging products. We develop custom software solutions to meet clients’ distinct data collection, integration, analysis and management needs.

Through our expertise and software solutions we help enhance clients’ financial, regulatory and operational processes throughout the well life cycle: planning, construction, drilling, completions and production.

Our services

Project Management

Our project managers are oil and gas technology specialists.

They quickly facilitate project definition and identify where technology and process gaps exist either on current platforms – or, when software migrations are being considered.


Training increases productivity and performance.

Well management software products are complex and require a solid understanding in order to be utilized effectively and to maximize their potential.

Custom Development

We bring disjointed data together.

We know the complex head office environment within the oil and gas industry requires current, relevant information and consolidated reports. Too often important data is manually extracted from divergent systems which wastes resources and potentially indicates ineffective or disjointed business processes.

Business Process Assessment

Effective processes are critical to an organization’s success.
Our analysts are experienced in helping business units to:

  • Identify areas where opportunities exist to decrease manual tasks
  • Improve reporting functions
  • Re-engineer
  • Use software automation to streamline workflow

Software Administration

Well management software products are complex applications that require various skill sets to successfully maintain operation in a production environment.

We will train your team members or place our highly-skilled Well Software Administrators at your location.

Managed Services

Full Circle Data provides that knowledgeable, experienced and responsive support for all your data management requirements. 

We have specialized expertise as it relates to Peloton’s™ applications, including the latest releases, WellView™ 10 and SiteView™ 5.  We understand how their suite integrates with other industry applications and provide  support and administration to keep your Peloton system healthy.